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Frequently Asked Questions providing information about MORE2LIFE Personal Training. If you have a question that’s not covered below please don’t hesitate to ask us.

We service Brisbane South East and Bayside suburbs.

Definitely. Your trainer can incorporate your equipment into the sessions and can also show you the best way for you to use your equipment between your Personal Training sessions.

No. All our Personal Trainers have all the necessary equipment for every session

You don’t need much space, your trainer can train you in your lounge room, back yard, garage or down at your local park – what ever is convenient for you.

All our mobile Personal Training sessions go for 1 hour. This allows us to provide you with a complete workout – your session will start with a warm-up to increase your heart rate, get the blood flowing, increase body temperature and to reduce muscle stiffness. You will then move into the workout phase which is specifically designed to suit you and your goals. And finally the cool down stage, which is designed to bring your heart rate down, improve your flexibility and help with recovery.

This is a very individual choice and depends on your goals, needs, time and budget. On average, our clients will train with their trainer between one and three times per week.

We offer two payment options – you can pay via Direct Deposit (you transfer directly to the M2L bank account) or you can pay using the Direct Debit Payment System.

There are no membership or joining fees, you only pay for your training.

Our prices vary and depend on your needs and your budget. We offer a Casual Rate as well as PT packs to reduce the price. We also provide a range of options from One-on-One training to small group training.

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