“Over the years I have had many Personal Trainers. I became frustrated with their copy and paste programs and their inability to maintain professionalism. I started training with Kristy in 2008 – during the first session it was clear Kristy was a standout. She has an indepth knowledge of human anatomy, injury rehabilitation and nutrition and above all she has always maintained a high level of professionalism.

Not only have I reached peaks in my strength and fitness, I have also learnt excellent technique.

Kristy takes a great deal of time customising each and every session to ensure I achieve EXACTLY what I want. My sessions were designed to alleviate chronic back pain. Within a few months of training with Kristy the pain was greatly reduced. I went from taking painkillers frequently to not experiencing any pain at all.

Each and every session with Kristy has challenged me. When the going gets tough she always makes me laugh, inspires and encourages me. Kristy’s attitude is what has kept me committed to working out and staying fit, lean and strong. I feel very grateful to have stumbled across her many years ago and look forward to every session to come.”

Amber S

“more2life Personal Training provides diverse, individually tailored sessions to make working out a fun and dynamic process.

Kristy offers friendly and professional advice to assist me in achieving my training goals.”

Bonnie P

“After having my 3rd child I thought it was about time I concentrated on myself, my body. Kristy is my first and only PT. From the time I have known Kristy she has been very understanding and is very compassionate. She is constantly encouraging and at the same time challenging me through my workout. She has given me the knowledge to do my own workouts in the comfort of my home and to work around my busy schedule as a full time mum. Kristy has motivated and inspired me to reach my goals and understands, even when you make mistakes. She has taught me a lot about nutrition and better food choices.

I would urge anyone who wants a trainer who is passionate, extremely knowledgeable and cares about their clients physical fitness to sign up with more2life Personal Training today.”

Amanda T
Full time mum of 3