Whether you’re pregnant, planning to become pregnant or post natal, keeping healthy and fit and looking after yourself should be a priority.

Keeping yourself health and fit will give you the energy, strength and stress relief you need so you can enjoy your pregnancy/baby. 

There are number of things you need to be aware of and work with while pregnant or postnatal. With this in mind, it’s a great idea to work with our Personal Trainer as we can provide a safe and effective program custom-designed specifically for you to keep you healthy and fit.

We can help you with prenatal weight gain and postnatal weight loss and fitness. Our trainers ensure correct technique and pre/post natal guidelines are followed. Our sessions focus on reshaping, toning and strengthening muscles, core and pelvic floor strengthening, stretching and cardio.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to post pregnancy workouts as the body has undergone significant changes during the pregnancy and childbirth. The time after birth is just as major in terms of body changes, so it is important you get the right advice and training methods to help you reach your goals safely and quickly.

The general guidelines for post pregnancy workouts advise waiting 4 weeks with a vaginal birth and 6 weeks with a Caesarean section before returning to exercise. However, several things such as natural delivery, tearing, infections, C-Section, episiotomy, and postnatal depression can affect your own return date. You may be lucky enough to return 2-3 weeks postnatal, or it could be as long as 2-3 months. Before you return to training you need to establish some sense of “normal” to avoid adding any stress to your life.