About Us

more2life Personal Training is a professional mobile Personal Training business providing quality, personable and enjoyable Mobile Personal Training sessions.

more2life Personal Training was established in 2008. I started more2life Personal Training because I wanted to help people feel as good as I did after achieving my weight loss and gaining levels of fitness and strength I never thought possible. I also wanted to show as many people as possible how enjoyable exercise can be, yes I know I said enjoyable! To this day I still LOVE that feeling you get after a hard workout – not only do you feel fit and strong (and exhausted) but you also feel mentally stronger and ready to take on the world again. That’s what I want everyone else to feel!

My business name more2life Personal Training is completely suitable to what my business is about – adding more to your life on a daily basis with good nutrition and regular exercise.

My story; I use to be an office worker, working long hours stuck at a desk, drinking way to much coffee and eating all the bad food that came in to the office on a regular basis by suppliers. I slowly gained more and more weight due to my sedentary lifestyle and bad calorie intake. Each year I would say “this is the year! The year I lose weight and get fit”. I would try fad diets and lose a little bit of weight but then gain double once bored with it. I believe anyone that wants to lose weight has a moment that just CLICKS! If you’ve had that moment, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This CLICK moment doesn’t just relate to weight loss, it could be to give up smoking, change your job, etc. That CLICK moment could be something that is said to you, a bad shopping experience, or worse… a health scare. I had a friend come up to me who hadn’t seen me in a little while and congratulate me on my pregnancy – I wasn’t pregnant! 🙁 As cliche as that sounds, that was my moment… I had a good think about how I was going to do it, what would work for me and I put it in to action. I lost a total of 18kgs and I learnt to LOVE exercise.

To this day I struggle maintaining my weight; I just love food way too much! BUT I now know what I need to do to lose weight and how much exercise I need to do to maintain. I eat a well-balanced diet with the occasional indulgence and I exercise a lot, that’s my way.

I want more2life Personal Training to be able to help as many people as possible to find their way – there is no quick fix, let me tell you that. It requires commitment, dedication and hard work AND for the rest of your life. BUT for all that, YOU get to live a healthy, active and confident life. You will never look back!

We at more2life Personal Training will help you find your way – we will get you on the right track with your nutrition, a plan that works for you and we will teach you all about exercise – how often, how hard and how to!

Seeing the success my clients have and being with them on their journey inspires me to train hard, work hard and help more people.

Let us help you be the person you really want to be, whatever that is…. Call more2life Personal Training now – 0401 275 690